Notes From Session 4


Be self-controlled and alert.  Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour. 1 Peter 5:8

· A very important key to being able to resist and remain self-controlled under Satan’s attacks is to be firmly rooted in God’s Word.

· If we nurture our relationship with The Lord through Prayer and His Word, it will help us see things from God’s perspective and be a defense against the devil.

· The Church is meant to be a haven for believers, and a living and breathing manifestation of the presence of Christ.  His strength is fatal to Satan, and the power we get from Him through faith helps us to resist and stand firm against Satan’s attacks.

· Satan tries to isolate us from God, because he knows that on our own we don’t stand a chance of defeating his efforts to mislead us.

· When we get overconfident, and rely too much on ourselves, we don’t see the danger coming, and become an easy target for evil.

· The Devil is never to be feared more than when he comes in disguise.  The angels of darkness can make themselves appear as angels of light in order to deceive us.

· Satan tries to use the influences of the world- sins the world has come to accept- to infiltrate our minds and lead us gradually away.  If this happens, then “the ordinary things become the things that order your life”.

Satan and the forces of evil have never been more prevalent than they are today.  This has happened because Christianity is becoming less popular.  The mass rise of apostasy, those who once believed but then fell away is a central cause.  Also, three barriers that once held firm between the devil and us have been breached.  They are; 1) Social order, that is, good government and laws and justice, whose purpose is to keep a lid on evil.  2) Moral order, that is, the sanctity of family and marriage.  3) The Church, that is, the Holy ground and Holy things of God.  These barriers still stand, but the sin of the world has broken through all three, giving the devil openings to get in easier.