• We will resume live services at both churches on Sunday July 12.  We ask all to please observe social distancing, both out of care for yourself and respect for others.  Please use your personal protection equipment as well.  In order to limit exposure, we will be dismissing after communion.  When leaving the altar after the sacrament please proceed directly to the parking lots without delay.   Please keep personal visiting and talking to outside so others may exit the building and maintain the proper social distancing.  We will still be posting services online for those who feel ill or don’t feel comfortable attending.   God bless you all.
    • Pastor Jacobsen is doing live Bible Study Devotions on Facebook weekday mornings at 9am.  They will also be available for viewing afterwards at any time there or also on our YouTube site.
    • We have a new Facebook page – Trinity and Concordia Lutheran Church.   Check it out for Pastor Jacobsen’s live weekday Bible Studies and also for video Worship Services.  Access in the “Links” section
    • YouTube Home Page – we now have a home-base page on YouTube as well.  Now all videos of Worship Services, Devotional studies and other events are now accessible from a common playlist.  For fast access, click on “YouTube Home Page” in the “Linkssection.
    • Main Street Living – Sunday mornings on TV. The first half hour features an episode of the Lutheran produced series This is the Life . The second half-hour is an LCMS service of Worship led by an area LCMS Pastor. It is complete with confession and absolution, Scripture lessons, hymns, prayers, and a sermon.
    • KFUO LCMS Radio – good resource for Sermons, devotions, Bible study, and many other features. Access by clicking on its link in the Links section
      • Daily Prayers – from LFS, click on in the Links section
    • Portals of Prayer App – newly available for iPhones and iOS devices that enable access to a digital version of Portals of Prayer. For more information click on the “contact us” tab on the home page, then click on and e-mail Webmaster to be sent an informational e-mail.

The Day of Pentecost

Lord God, heavenly Father, when You filled the disciples with the Holy Spirit, 3,000 souls were called, gathered, enlightened and sanctified. Likewise, please fill our congregation, our Synod and the whole Christian Church on earth with the Holy Spirit. Renew them, that the Sacraments may be administered faithfully and that many more would be called […]