Ascension Day

May 13th is Ascension Day. It is an important day in the Church year. It marks the day when, among the disciples, our Lord rose into the clouds and was taken up into Heaven. It’s a day that gives us reasons for great joy. One reason is the truth that the Scriptures were once again fulfilled. Just as other things about Jesus were prophesied and came true, now also His ascension. Again another proof that God’s Word does not fail. Another joy is that this event marked the completion of His mission. Christ’s work on earth of redeeming mankind was accomplished. A third joy is that Christ ascended to rule and to be everywhere. Now in Heaven he governs the world especially for the benefit of His Church and is always with us wherever we are. A fourth joy is that He lives forever in heaven to intercede for us. He is our mediator to God the Father and pleads and prays on our behalf before the Father’s almighty throne. A fifth source of Ascension joy is that our Lord Christ returned to Heaven to prepare a place for us (John 14:3). On that day of glory for us, whether it is when Christ returns, or when he calls us home, we will have a place with him as he desires (John 17:24). The day of Ascension indeed brings us many reasons to be joyful.

Ascension Day Texts: Acts 1:1-11 Ephesians 1:15-23 Luke 24:44-53


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Festival of St. Michael & All Angels

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