The Season of Advent

Our new Church year begins with the Season of Advent.  Advent means “a coming”.  The altar cloths and paraments for Advent are blue. Blue is a royal color that is fitting as we ponder the coming of the King of Kings, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  It is also the color of the sky in which we will see him return in power and glory.  Advent is also a penitential time similar to Lent.  In preparing for our Savior who comes in the flesh, we ready our hearts through repentance.  Our Advent repenting leads to rejoicing as the Scripture readings appointed for this time share with us that our coming Savior suffered and died to redeem us.  The prophet Zechariah urges our rejoicing, “Behold, your King is coming to you, righteous and having salvation is He”. May our hearts be both penitent and joyful as we await our Lord and King.


Pastor Jacobsen is doing live Bible Study Devotions on Facebook weekday mornings at 9am.  They will also be available for viewing afterwards at any time there or also on our YouTube site. We have a new Facebook page – Trinity and Concordia Lutheran Church. Check it out for Pastor Jacobsen’s live weekday Bible Studies and […]

Festival of St. Michael & All Angels

On September 29th we observe the Festival of St. Michael and all Angels.  The word Angel comes from the greek angelos, which means messenger. Angels are not divine but created beings.  They act at the Lord’s direction to speak His words, carry out His actions, or bring judgment or salvation.  The phrase from the Nicene […]