This Sundays Readings:  June 23rd, 2nd Sunday after Pentecost  Isaiah 65:1-9, Galatians 3:23-4:7, and Luke 8:26-39


Next Sundays Readings:  June 30th, 3ed Sunday after Pentecost  I Kings 19:9b-21, Galatians 5:1, 13-25, and Luke 9:51-62


The Call Process Update:  On Sunday June 16 it was announced that Pastor Davis declined the call. Please continue to keep our churches in your prayers. May the Holy Spirit lead us all, and may we faithfully follow as we await the next steps that will best serve our Churches of our Lord Christ, and best serve His divine Kingdom.


THANK YOU: I want to thank the ladies of the church for the graduation gift.  I will put it to good use.  Thanks again, Bobby Oakley


Thank You:  We would like to thank you for all your love and support over the years. We will look to God as we both begin our new journey. We are so excited to begin our next chapter in life! With love, Brianne Ihnen & Jazmin Voehl


Thank you:  We would like to express our sincere thank you to everyone who sent a card, brought food, came to visitation, attended the funeral, or had a caring and kind word. Also to Pastor Bohmer for all the visits to the Pines and the Good Samaritan Home to see Mother. To Shirley, the Elders and Ladies Aid, and all others who assisted on the day of the funeral. A memorial gift of $2000 given to Trinity Lutheran and also a memorial gift will be given to Messiah Lutheran in Lakeville, MN. The Families of Marie Voss Winkel, Marg and Steve Spang and family, and Richard and Linda Voss and family


Lutheran Family Service is looking for additional families to be a part of our adoption program as we are serving a higher number of birth mothers looking to place for adoption.
Newborn Infant Adoption Program Details:

  • Couples must reside in Iowa or North/Central Illinois
  • Couples must be male/female married for at least 3 years
  • Couples must be active in a Christian congregation
  • Program is fee-based

Lutheran Family Service:

  • Creating family through adoption for over 117 years
  • Fully licensed child-placing agency
  • Recognized Service Organization (RSO) of the LCMS Church following all LCMS biblical principles
  • Free pregnancy counseling program
    For more information, contact Lutheran Family Service at 515-573-3138 or

Help Wanted:  If you are interested in joining the altar guild at Trinity please contact. Arlys Schuett


Directory Update:  Darlene Hartman, Pearl Valley Room 14, Lake Park, IA
Lois Puck, Assisted Living Facility, Room 22, Heron Lake, MN


Pictures of the Easter Egg Hunt at Trinity can be viewed by clicking on “Pictures” under the Categories listing on the website home page.


Note From The Congregational Presidents:  The reason for holding joint services is to make it easier for the Pastors who are taking time to help us. We encourage all of our members to make a special effort to attend all services in whatever church. Everyone’s support is needed as we go through this vacancy with God leading us.


CHRISTIAN TV SHOW: Main Street Living is now being broadcast on KCAU Sioux City and WFTC Channel 29 (aka “Fox 9 Plus” MyTV) in addition to KDLT Sioux Falls.  Air time is Sunday at 10 am. The first 30 minutes are remastered episodes of the classic “This is the Life” series from the 70’s and 80’s. The second half of the program is a modified Lutheran worship service that features a different Pastor each week, from the station’s broadcast area. It features many aspects of church worship; with an Invocation, confession and absolution, The Apostles Creed, the week’s Scripture readings, and a sermon.  Hymns are sung by area church choirs.  It’s a wonderful evangelistic ministry that shares the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ with the unchurched and shut-in.  It is also great to utilize on Sundays you are unable to attend worship.  online at

June 23 This is the Life – “Two Weeks to Eternity” – A man who lives life to the fullest faces uncertainty with upcoming surgery.

June 30 This is the Life – “The House of Sand” – This classic Fisher family episode explores the difference between a moral and Christian life. Worship Service –  Rev. George Clausen, of Our Savior Lutheran Church in Sheldon, delivers the message “Called to Freedom” based on Galatians 5:1, 13-25.


Forgiveness in Christ    For those who have participated in an abortion decision—there is a Word of Hope for broken hearts.  Call 888.217.8679 or go to  Word of Hope is a confidential and caring ministry of Lutherans For Life.  Find Word of Hope on Facebook.


Camp Okoboji:  Pick up information about Cub Week and the entire Camp Okoboji program for the 2019 year. More information and event fliers are in the narthex.


PORTALS OF PRAYER:  The Trinity LWML has a box in the narthex at Trinity for gathering USED Portals of Prayers. We will distribute them to various locations for others to read. God bless you for your support.


Prayer Requests:  Please contact the church secretary if you would like to be included in the prayers in the bulletin.


KFUO Radio:  Listen to Worldwide, your radio station for Christian talk shows, daily Bible and Confession studies, worship opportunities, and current issues from a Lutheran worldview.  At 7am the “Morning Prayer” segment features devotional meditations.  From 9:30-10:00 am “Law and Gospel” applies those doctrines of Scripture to God’s plan of salvation in Christ.  From 11-12 am “Thy Strong Word” is an in-depth Bible study program. From 3-5 pm “Issues, Etc”, is a Christ-Centered radio talk show.  Programs are archived at for 24/7 on-demand listening. See complete listings and stream live broadcasts at  or