Holy Week Schedule
Palm Sunday April 14 Joint Worship @ Concordia 9am
Maundy Thursday April 18 Service @ Concordia 6:30 pm
Good Friday April 19 Service @ Trinity 6:30 pm
Easter Sunday April 21 Service @ Trinity 7:00 am, at Concordia at 9:00 am


This Sundays Readings:  April 14, Palm Sunday — Deuteronomy 32:36-39, Philippians 2:5-11, and Luke 22:1-23:56


Next Sundays Readings:  April 21st  The Resurrection of Our Lord – Easter Day Isaiah 65:17-25, 1 Corinthians 15:19-26, and Luke 24:1-12


Thank You:  Trinity LWML wants to thank everyone for donations, help, and attending our beef dinner. It is because of you that our dinner was a huge success! Praise God!


The Call Process Update:  On Sunday March 31, a joint congregational meeting was held after worship. By a unanimous vote, Rev Chadric Dietrich, currently the Pastor of Immanuel of Rockwell City, and Trinity of Knierim was selected to be our next call candidate. The Voters of Concordia and Trinity then met to officially ratify the vote. As Pastor Dietrich considers the call, please keep him, and his current churches, and our churches in your prayers. May the Holy Spirit lead him and us all, and may we faithfully follow as we await a decision that will best serve these four Churches of our Lord Christ, and best serve His divine Kingdom


IDW DISASTER RELIEF UPDATE: Efforts to work on disaster clean up have been happening through the work of various people and congregations throughout the district. We want to update you on the progress and alert you to the needs that are ongoing.

  • On March 30, a LERT (Lutheran Early Response Team) group of 24 people from LCMS congregations in Jefferson, Casey, Glenwood, and Ames went to Hamburg, Iowa to help with clean up efforts. The Boone LERT trailer was taken to Glenwood and left for Pastor Seth Kaiser at Trinity to use.
  • Hamburg still has flooding issues and the flood damage is devastating. The team worked with AmeriCorps and GoServ Global who are connecting volunteers with families who need help. Volunteers cleaned out basements and mucked out homes at four different locations. Residents are very grateful for the work done.
  • LERT volunteers from the Shenandoah/Clarinda/Villisca area also worked at Hamburg helping clean out an antique store.
  • The Southwest Circuit LERT trailer will be taken to Hamburg each Saturday. Terry and Deb Dammann are leading these efforts with volunteers each week to help with clean up.
  • Pastor Roger Carlisle, Peace Lutheran, Wall Lake is working to get a trailer full of requested supplies to Niobrara, Nebraska where the need is great. Supplies were purchased with generous donations from Iowa District West members.
  • President Turner, Vice President Pastor Paul Egger, and Assistant to the President Rhonda Mohr will travel to Glenwood on Monday, April 8 to visit, assess the needs, and identify additional ways people can help.

How can you help?

  • Join a volunteer group on Saturday clean-up days by calling Terry Dammann at 402-250-6150 or Deb at 712-242-5345 and let them know what Saturday would work for you. They will meet at 8:30am at the Shenandoah Walmart parking lot at the LERT trailer.
  • Help on a day other than Saturday by contacting Ellie Menz (IDW Disaster Relief Coordinator) at 515-370-1159 or Megan Schmidt (AmeriCorps) at 712-202-5351. Megan is working with the registration of volunteers at Hamburg.
  • Donate to the Iowa District West Disaster Relief Fund by going to the district website ( Click on the “donate” button and designate “Disaster Relief.”

Special thanks to all who have been working and/or donating to help with the disaster flood relief of Iowa and Nebraska. May the Lord continue to use each of us and our congregations to make a difference in the lives of those who are going through challenging times.


InFaith Scholarship:  Three or more scholarships applications are now available on –line at for students who are pursuing a career in professional ministry or professional lay ministry. Student must be in their 3rd or4th year of college. Deadline is April 30. Questions please call (800) 365-4172


Note From The Congregational Presidents:  Now that winter is over time for services will return to 9:00 am with Adult Bible Class held after at the church where service is held. Please check the calendar for Sunday School times. The reason for holding joint services is to make it easier for the Pastors who are taking time to help us. We encourage all of our members to make a special effort to attend all services in whatever church. Everyone’s support is needed as we go through this vacancy with God leading us.


CONCORDIA STEWARDSHIP REQUEST  Due to cancellations because of bad weather and only having services at Concordia every other week, the General Fund has really been stressed.  Expenses such as utilities also increase during colder weather and make funds shrink more rapidly.  If our giving could increase and better meet expenses, it will head-off trying to make up ground later against a much bigger deficit.  But as always, our giving back to the Lord and His kingdom shouldn’t be because we need to, but out of thankfulness for all we have been given, as Paul encourages us in 2 Corinthians Chapter 8.  Please also keep our circumstances in your prayers that we may be better able to maintain our ministry here for the Lord’s Kingdom.  Thank you.


CHRISTIAN TV SHOW: Main Street Living is now being broadcast on KCAU Sioux City and WFTC Channel 29 (aka “Fox 9 Plus” MyTV) in addition to KDLT Sioux Falls.  Air time is Sunday at 10 am. The first 30 minutes are remastered episodes of the classic “This is the Life” series from the 70’s and 80’s. The second half of the program is a modified Lutheran worship service that features a different Pastor each week, from the station’s broadcast area. It features many aspects of church worship; with an Invocation, confession and absolution, The Apostles Creed, the week’s Scripture readings, and a sermon.  Hymns are sung by area church choirs.  It’s a wonderful evangelistic ministry that shares the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ with the unchurched and shut-in.  It is also great to utilize on Sundays you are unable to attend worship.  online at

April 14 Worship Service – Rev. Michael D. Sharp, of St. Peter Lutheran Church, delivers the message “The Price Christ Paid to Save Us!” based on Philippians 2:5-11.

April 21 Rev. Dr. Michael Zeigler, of Lutheran Hour Ministries, delivers the Easter message.


Help Wanted: My name is Lauren Mastin, and I serve as Volunteer Coordinator for Wittenberg Academy. We are an online Lutheran junior high and high school. Each year, we put on a Family Retreat for Lutheran homeschoolers at Camp Okoboji. We offer a mini VBS for the kids while their parents are in sessions, but we need volunteers to help us do this. We only require about 4 hours of help each day from the volunteers, over the course of 3 days. Our Retreat this coming year is being held on April 25-27, 2019. We will provide the curriculum for the mini VBS and meals for each volunteer. We would really appreciate any help you can offer! Please let me know if you have any questions! If calling would be more convenient, my phone number is (507) 421-3295.


Forgiveness in Christ    For those who have participated in an abortion decision—there is a Word of Hope for broken hearts.  Call 888.217.8679 or go to  Word of Hope is a confidential and caring ministry of Lutherans For Life.  Find Word of Hope on Facebook.


PORTALS OF PRAYER:  The Trinity LWML has a box in the narthex at Trinity for gathering USED Portals of Prayers. We will distribute them to various locations for others to read. God bless you for your support.


Prayer Requests:  Please contact the church secretary if you would like to be included in the prayers in the bulletin.


KFUO Radio:  Listen to Worldwide, your radio station for Christian talk shows, daily Bible and Confession studies, worship opportunities, and current issues from a Lutheran worldview.  At 7am the “Morning Prayer” segment features devotional meditations.  From 9:30-10:00 am “Law and Gospel” applies those doctrines of Scripture to God’s plan of salvation in Christ.  From 11-12 am “Thy Strong Word” is an in-depth Bible study program. From 3-5 pm “Issues, Etc”, is a Christ-Centered radio talk show.  Programs are archived at for 24/7 on-demand listening. See complete listings and stream live broadcasts at  or